hotel for sale Greece offers from the touristical point of view ideal conditions. Maintains it is for investment in tourism real estate (especially hotel properties) more than optimal. The fear of the unknown, the lack of knowledge of the location and the actual circumstances, but also the lack of an appropriate contact person, keep many investors away from Greece, although a local investment – especially at the present time – is very promising.

Here we offer you to take on the role of your contact person in order to take away any fear of the site, to accompany you as an on-site partner for your hotel project in Greece and thus to reduce any location risks out of the way.

Mavvidis + Partners is one in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, based planning and real estate consulting company. In our company work hard experienced architects and engineers who are active in the whole of Greece, and who are very famialiar with the location, its construction sector and its real estate sector, and who perfectly master the building code issues – especially for hotel projects. In addition, due to our work, we know the real estate market in Greece very good. We also have an established network in which there are beyond hotel experts also lawyers, accountants, notaries and a variety of consultants for special issues. So, we can offer to international investors to be their on-site partners with an almost all-embracing consulting package or a one-stop-shop consulting package for hotel investments in Greece. In cooperation with our major real estate network with hotel broker in Greece, we can locate for you good land for hotel developments in Greece or find existing properties that are ideally suited for a development project. In our portfolio there are included constantly qualitative hotels for sale in Greece. Some of our services to hotel investors, hotel developers and hotel operators are the following:

  • Search of suitable land and property for hotel development
  • Preliminary assessment of all relevant factors (due diligence)
  • Technical examination of existing hotel properties
  • Implementation of cost estimates
  • Carrying out the necessary clarification procedures
  • Advice and execution of the purchase process with the participation of lawyers 
  • Monitoring / implementation of the negotiations with project stakeholders
  • Assembling of the individually required project teams
  • Obtaining permits and approvals
  • Examination of the posibility to get subvention
  • Other services according to customer requirements

In addition, we offer in this regard also our classic range of services for the real estate project development. For completeness, we mention that we can carry out the project management in the implementation phase . We would be pleased to work with you together in the near Zukunkt hotel projects in Greece. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions . Contact Mavvidis + Partners.


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