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Despite the current difficult situation and declining purchasing power existing on the Greek domestic market, the sale of several products and services from abroad does generally have good conditions since the market is always interested in qualitative products at an affordable price. The art is now gaining a foothold by means of a proper strategy in this market.

The long-term success in the Greek market is dependent on a number of factors and constant companion in almost all phases of the operation in Greece by an expert and someone who has “knowledge of the local conditions,” is essential in every case.

Mavvidis + Partners has many years of experience in the greek market. This experience is now to be provided to international companies. Therefore, we supplement our usual range of services with all consulting services that are necessary to market a product or service in Greece, so that we could play a role of a kind of “sales representative in Greece” for you. For several years we act with our network anyway as investment consultants for foreign investors, and accompany them in all matters relating to their investment Greece.

Exemplary the following services are provided:

Phase A – Introductory Phase / Analysis

  • General analysis
  • Analysis Customer Profile
  • Price level analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Required procedures
  • Clarification of marketing strategy
  • Usual payment conditions
  • Risk Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Clarification of logistics
  • Analysis of the required customization of the product / servicedue to existing conditions
  • Examination any necessary access permissions
  • Creation of the necessary distribution structure
  • Clarification of legal and tax issues
  • etc.

Phase B – Sale

  • Design and implement a sales strategy / marketing strategy
  • Creation of appropriate marketing channels
  • Building a customer database
  • Organization of sales
  • Presence at trade fairs
  • Proactive Sell
  • etc.

Phase C – business days

  • Ongoing consultation with the daily business
  • Sales Management
  • Optimization of processes
  • etc.

As your on-site partner, we provide with our network of highly experienced experts all the advice needed (“one-stop-shop” concept), thereby reducing any risk and create the basis for a long-term success in Greece.

We are happy to assist you in marketing / sales, and even at the preparatory measures for entering the greek market. Do not hesitate to ask us! Here you can find our contact information. We look forward to hearing you …


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