Real estate development

The systematic development and proper management of real estate are the basis for their optimum and long-term utilization. Like any other market also the real estate market works according to various rules that must be considered in any project development. Accordingly, a good know-how for a successful investment in real estate is required. Only through a systematic approach to project development, all essential parameters can be taken into account right from the beginning, and a product can be created which will be long term ” in the market”.

Mavvidis + Partners is one of the few companies in Greece, which provides consulting services for real estate developments / real estate investments. Equipped with the necessary know-how and a network of highly experienced partners for various special areas we offer – on an international level – all services that are required to form the basis for a proper, sustainable, successful and profitable real estate investment.

Following some of our adequate services:

  • Organization and management of project development (development management)
  • Planning of development procedure
  • Consulting services for investment in real estate
  • Market analysis
  • Analysis of the optimum utilization of the land
  • Analysis of relevant building factors and urban characteristics
  • Implementation of different investment scenarios for finding the optimal solution
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Examination of the possibility of connecting to the public utilities and the connection to the public transport network
  • Obtaining the necessary approvals 
  • Gathering the occasionally additional  required consultants 
  • Feasibility and viability study
  • Technical due diligence
  • Property valuation
  • Facility management
  • Cost analysis
  • Property search
  • Search for investment opportunities
  • Initiation of new projects
  • Property marketing and sales
  • tenant management
  • relocation management

The aim of Mavvidis + Partner is to form in the very first instance of a potential project a clear framework in which the investment must move in order to ensure success. In this introductory stage project objectives are defined, the foundation for the next phase, ie the building design,  is laied and also all the other steps of the project are to be fixed. Accordingly, this first phase is the most important; already here, finally, the basic decisions are made and the process of the project is programmed.

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