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2023 _ Facing the greek real estate market of 2023

Greece is back … or is Greece back? The Greek real estate market has been on a noticeably upward trend for several years. Prices have risen sharply in more or less all real estate sectors over the past three years, and yields have now also ‘adjusted’. Greece’s real estate market is interesting again and consequently

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Real estate in Greece – today a real opportunity

Greece said goodbye to an almost ten-year crisis when property prices rose again, albeit slightly, towards the end of 2017. This was followed by a two-year phase in which Greek real estate was again sought after by investors. In addition to nationals and Europeans, private and institutional investors, including from China and Israel, were among

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Greek real estate after Corona

First estimation on the impact of the coronavirus to the greek real estate market  (greek real estate market 2021)   The Greek government has coped very well with the coronavirus pandemic. Relative to other countries, contamination and death rates have been kept at a very low level, and the easing of protective measures will begin

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Real estate market Greece 2019 – the reboot

After about nearly a decade, which was more than bad for Greece’s real estate sector, there has been a very positive mood on the Greek real estate market for some time now. It seems that a variety of factors are currently working together in a positive way, and that there has been renewed strong activity

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Golden Visa for Greece

Since 2014, Greek properties have become for many investors from abroad more interesting, as per law 4251/2014 foreign investors have the possibility to get the ‘Golden Visa’ for Greece by buying real estate in Greece that exceeds a value of 250.000,- Euros. On this way, non-Europeans can become for a certain period European residents, and

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Real estate in Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki – 2017/2018

Thessaloniki – a city for perfect city breaks The real estate market in Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, has behaved like the real estate market in Athens during the crisis years. In some locations there had to be accepted price cuts of up to 60%, although in average the prices fall approximately by

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Greek properties _ 2015 latest news

Greek properties had disappeared in recent years from the international investors’ target completely. Although the prices of real estate in all categories have fallen rapidly, and the Greek market therefore should had become a bargain market for real estate, there were relatively few investors who have invested in Greek real estate the last months. The

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Properties for residence permit in Greece

A few months ago the Greek government had decided to open its arms to nationals from third countries which are not members of the European Union. So, the Greek government passed a law which forms the basis for citizens of the aforementioned category to obtain a residence permit in Greece, if they buy a property

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