Distressed asset management

Economic crises, such as the corona crisis, declining demand for certain types of real estate, bankruptcies of tenants and real estate aging can negatively affect their financial results, leading to loss of revenue and possibly secondary negative effects.

Systematic management is required to return distressed assets to profitability. Whatever the causes, they need to be identified in detail, properly addressed and new models of exploitation developed for the ‘sick’ property. Real estate, after all, hides often good dynamic, that has to be identified and highlighted appropriately.

Mavvidis + Partners provides in collaboration with experienced financial analysts and lawyers for the case of ‘problematic’ and distressed properties the consulting service ‘distressed asset management’. This includes, in the context of the management of these properties, indicatively, the following consulting services, which have as their ultimate goal the development and implementation of a proposal, which will manage to integrate the problematic property in the market and do it – possibly after some changes – again profitable.

Here are some of the actions:

  • Development of strategy distressed asset management – real estate redevelopment
  • Listing – analysis of an existing problematic situation
  • Assessment of property value in the current situation (valuation)
  • Analysis of technical and urban data of the property (due diligence)
  • Market analysis on the micro and macro level (market analysis)
  • Creating alternative concepts of uses and finding the best solution (possibly composition of uses)
  • Description of the required actions for the change, control of the resulting actions and their costing
  • Evaluation and comparison of proposals and calculation of viability
  • Proposal design (Architectural Studies)
  • Marketing and project promotion
  • Find investors and users Space lease agreements
  • Monitoring of project progress and proposal of corrective actions
  • Sale of real estate (in collaboration with partner real estate brokers) 
  • In certain cases of real estate objects, additional actions may be required  


  • In cooperation with our network of brokers, we can identify problematic properties throughout Greece with a large growth margin. Ask us!

Find here other consulting services we offer around real estate and the invest in it.

If you have a problematic property and are interested in discussing distressed asset management consulting, do not hesitate to contact us here!


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