Due diligence for real estate in Greece

Greece has a very promissing real estate market with many interesting properties in its cities as well as on its islands. As with any real estate investment anywhere in the world, it’s also for Greece essential to know exactly what property someone is going to buy, its sizes, its uses, its tenants, its technical condition, if there are any legal issues, etc.

Accordingly, it is basically recommended to perform a due diligence analysis, in order to get a very detailed overview about what you are planning to purchase.

Mavvidis + Partners offers due diligence for real estate in Greece. With our team of experts with engineers and lawyers, we analyze the parameters you want and refer to the property of your interest.

The following parameters could be part of our check:

  • Existing documention of the property (correctness and completeness) 
  • Conformity with building permit or performed legalization (kindly keep in mind, that many properties in Greece had non-permitted constructions)
  • Allowed uses for future alternative use (with parallel analysis what is possible from the technical point of view)  
  • Currently valid planning laws and eventual influencing of the future investment
  • Technical condition of the building (structure) and technical equipment (eventually with cost estimation of  repairs or refurbishment/modernization)
  • Ownership of the property, eventual existing legal burdens and existing obligations and contracts, f. e. with tenants, etc. (the respective works are performed by lawyers)
  • Valuation of the property (the respective work is done by partners)

Further to the exemplary mentioned analysis paramenters it’s also possible to analyze further issues, according to your demands, or to apply your special standard of due diligence, for the case you have a respective standard.

After having performed the due diligence, and for the case you would like to go on with the purchase, we can accompany you with our team also in all the other following acitivities that refer to the property transaction.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question or if you have a concrete project to be checked.


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