Lands in Greece

KyparA house in the south under the sun … this is a lifelong dream for many people. This one should not be reserved for the retirement period. Greece, “the country in which the gods take a vacation”, offers many wonderful spots that could become your second home. You just have to look right, and surely you will find – with the participation of the right advisor – something that comes very close to your own ideas, so that it can become your own paradise on earth.

Today there are given – among others due to the crisis – a lot of optimal opportunities to acquire lands in Greece. All across the country and on the islands there are in addition to existing buildings that you can buy, even plots that are available to realize from scratch your own home according to your own wishes and ideas. Many of these plots are suitable not only for own use, but also offer potential for development, and this makes things more interesting. It is for the sake of completeness to mention, that the land purchase tax in Greece was reduced immense a few months ago. This reduces the purchase price more.

In Greece exists because of an older special provision the possibility of using agricultural land (min. req. size 4,000 sqm) in certain cases also for other purposes such as for housing, production, administration and also for the purpose of tourism (hotels, rooms to rent , etc.); for a hotel use you need larger areas of agricultural land (more than 4,000 sqm). Here you can buy accordingly relativ large agricultural land on favorable terms and then build on. In any case, for lands in Greece one should carry out a detailed examination of all the factors that determine the development potential before buying.  

From beginning, someone with interest should be consulted well by an expert even during the procedure of finding his “own paradise” in Greece. In addition, in that context a preliminary review of all relevant checks to ensure the realizability of your project on the respective land is obligatory. Any risk from the perspective of public building laws is thereby eliminated already at the very beginning, and all sorts of inconveniences are excluded.

In this context, we also recommend our specialist article about the important topic of building in Greece. We would like to assist you in any further project phases. Look in that case also to our range of services.


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