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Being your eyes and ears in your project Mavvidis + Partners supports you for the whole duration of a project, from the first idea up to its completion and usage. Our competent and experienced team undertakes all tasks that can be delegated in order to lead the project to the “grand finale”.

Based in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece, we can undertake project management services both for Greece (project management Greece) and throughout the surrounding regions, as for example in the Balkan, Rumania and Turkey, where we already have realized projects successfully.

Some of our management services are the following:

  • Project Management
  • Creating Project Strategy
  • Planning optimization
  • Monitoring / Controlling of the project
  • General Construction Management
  • Communication and Data Management

Project management services are required before the beginning of the planning. For a successful expiration a project strategy has to be established. The project managers of Mavvidis + Partners clarifiy all important issues that are to be organized, as for example the project organization, the way of realizing the project, the “hard facts” (time – money – quality) and all the goals of the project. Through the whole process of project preparation the investor is involved steadily, taking all needed decisions after getting by us all necessary information. In dependence to the scope of works Mavvidis + Partners can also undertake several development services. We ensure the involvement of the needed experts and coordinate them to reach a good result.

In the following planning phase Mavvidis + Partners is the “contact agency” for all participants and the coordinator of the planning procedure, controlling the work with regard to the observance of the frame that was set in the project preparation phase. If desired, we can undertake in this stadium also a controling of the planning and its optimization in order to reach the best result.

During the performance of the project Mavvidis + Partners  assumes the investor’s managerial role with regard to all project participants having overtaken his delegable functions. Especially for the case of complex projects or if the investor has not the needed management know-how or sufficient capacity, this qualified support is mandatory. The performance phase ends after having finished all construction works and of course after the acceptance of the technical project, and Mavvidis + Partners is by your side until the successful commissioning of the building. We are the ones who will give you your key!

Mavvidis + Partners would enjoy supporting you as your project managers on the way to realize successfully your idea! Contact us now …



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