The advantages of Mavvidis + Partners are plenty and at various levels.
Worthy of mention that the company has:

  • a wide variety of specialized and integrated services
  • a dynamic team with excellent training and great long experience at international level
  • as one of the few companies, special knowledge and experience in issues related to real estate development
  • special knowledge and skills in managing technical projects (project management), in order to achieve the temporal, quality and financial goals, as well as experience in managing high budget and high complexity technical projects
  • the ability to work with its network of partners as “one-stop-shop” for all consulting services that are needed for investments in Greece (i. e. technical, legal, economical and tax consulting, and subsidy advice).
  • specialization in commercial and industrial buildings, and logistics.
  • a mode of operation that complies with the standards of major international planning and consulting companies
  • flexibility in operation that adjusts to the needs and requirements of the customer, but also of the project.


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