Mavvidis + Partners designed a residential ensemble consisting of four luxurious residential units (maisonette houses) in the Athens Riviera, specifically in Anavyssos, for a private project developer.

For many years, Anavyssos has been the seaside resort for the residents of the Attica Prefecture (capital of the prefecture is Athens), especially in the summer months, since the distance from most of the prefecture’s districts is small and the transport connections are good. In recent years, Anavyssos has developed – in particular due to the positive development in the “Riviera of Athens” – for young families as a permanent residence.

Accordingly, we designed a project that envisages four luxurious houses (maisonettes) for small families. The project is currently in the planning and approval phase. We have chosen a minimalist and modern architecture that meets the current requirements of young families and modern living preferences, but also takes into account the special requirements that have come up in recent months.

Each residential unit has a living space of around 150.00 square meters plus around 80.00 square meters in the basement, in which the building technology is housed. In addition, each unit has its garden (outdoors) with porch, parking space and swimming pool.
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