An old tobacco company from northern Greece closed down about 15 years ago, leaving behind its old manufacturing facilities that it used until then. The plot is located in a central, ideally accessible and highly visible location in the Oraiokastro region of Thessaloniki and has immense potential.

Mavvidis + Partners developed for the current owner, the company PREMIA Properties, a design for the revitalization of the property, which converts the existing site into a modern logistics center. In our concept, the existing building is largely integrated into the design, but other parts of the building are also added. A modern, two-storey office building is also part of our proposal. In total, the new complex will have buildings totaling almost 16,000 square meters.

The aim of our design is therefore the development of a modern logistics center in Thessaloniki, which ideally integrates and utilizes the specific location, the existing buildings, the planning law and the technically and functionally possible, but also the dynamics of the property and the location.


The designed building will offer large storage areas and the ideal conditions for storage use. At the same time, the visibility of the property is used to create a landmark in the region by means of the building design. For this purpose, a minimalist architecture was chosen for the main building, which provides a ‘play’ of gray tones in the facade. In addition, a separate building for office and staff rooms is planned, on the one hand to keep the main building “clean” and monofunctional for storage use, on the other hand to offer the employees a modern and pleasant working environment.

However, our design also includes the outdoor area, so that it is optimally suited for the desired purpose and well functional, but at the same time has an outstanding and representative aesthetic.



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(office building, warehouse, logistics, Thessaloniki, Greece)