Mavvidis + Partners has developed on behalf of a Greek industrial enterprise near Thessaloniki the current architectural design for its new office building.

The proposal provides a three-storey building (ground floor + two upper floors) plus ground floor. The total area of ​​the building is at 730 sqm (+200 sqm basement). The structure has a curved shape with a minimalistic line, and the cover is mainly made of glass. The offset of the levels on the left side of the building creates walk-in terraces, designed as walk-in gardens. In general, nature is an elementary component of the design and it is integrated into the building, inside as well outside. In this way the employees of the company work almost directly in nature, and are only protected by the glass sheath. The transparent cover gives the external viewer the opportunity to follow the company’s inner life. On the other hand, the company’s transparent way of working is staged.