The region Peraia, outside of Thessaloniki, was for many years in the past a tourist home domicile for many citizens of Thessaloniki and the surrounding areas. After the highway Thessaloniki – Chalkidiki was completed, it attracted many towards Chalkidiki and they left Peraia. For some years now Peraia became an eastern suburb of Thessaloniki, which is now connected both by bus and across the water to the city center. This beach area offers a large number of advantages and is known for its excellent gastronomy.

The region is optimal to combine residential use with tourist use. Both citizens of Thessaloniki, but also tourists from abroad, use Peraia as a permanent residence or a holiday resort. Peraia would have now with a suitable site development the opportunity to get again its old charm. Accordingly, new tourist and leasure facilities must be developed, which are to be housed in new modern buildings.

Mavvidis + Partners has designed in this context for a private investor a building with mixed use. The building has a generous shop area on the ground floor and in the upper floors there are rooms. The total area of the building amounts to about 600 square meters. In the outside area there are provided themed gardens and open and covered areas that support the main uses of the building. This design is a modern architectural solution that greatly differs from the existing buildings. It intends thereby to set a milestone for the start of the site development of Peraia.


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